A Football Club, A Dodgy Machine, And Free Spins!

Looking around the world of the online casino you can find plenty of machine free spins and it's not too hard to find a slot bonus or two either. Going back to these wonderful machines' predecessors when they first appeared on the scene in some of the old working man's clubs, social clubs, bowling alleys, Bingo halls and the likes, there were no such things. That said, I do remember a friend of mine picking up his own special bonus from our 2nd. Division football team's one arm bandit machine that they had tucked far out of sight in the corner of their social club.

Please don't ask me to name the team, as I would hate to lose my season ticket, but it has to be said that what occurred when John played the machine, unknown to those drinking at the bar, was really quite comical to watch. He would pull on the machine's arm, and just before he bought it all the way down towards the ground for the 3 reels to spin, he would then push it back upwards again. The result would be that the reels would then suddenly take on a new life form and very slowly float out of sync with each other surreally in front of us, displaying the bells, bars and various fruits, like watching a slow motion replay. You could say that this was better than free spins on an online machine as with only 3 reels and so few symbols it was only a question of waiting a few seconds before his 3 bars lined up and then he would just snap the arm back up to the starting position for the machine to unload its jackpot!

Moving forward to online slot free spins, bonuses are great for those who love the freebies. You draw up a certain bonus symbol or a various combination and you get a number of free spins on the house and you don't have to pay a penny! Far better than getting barred from your football team's social club although I have to say, not as comical if you had seen Jon in action!